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I am Kenny Shorne.


I'm an Independent Filmmaker, photographer, and DP based in New York. I capture the world as I view it through my lens in many different visual mementos. The space and energy that exists between the muse in my presence, the viewfinder, and I is one of the most beautiful, intimate, and personal connections that can be expressed and I take great joy in being able to construct that in an environment that is creative, experimental, friendly, open-minded, safe and welcoming to all positive energy.


I originally set off on my journey when I picked up my first camera in 2017. Self-taught, with the drive, passion, and initiative to grow I've branched off and ventured into many different areas of photography such as Portrait photography, concert photography, travel photography, sports photography, and fashion photography to name a few. I also enjoy dabbling in film on occasion. 


Directing came as a surprise to me. My younger self had a huge distaste towards Directing, but in early 2018 when I stepped outside my conform zone and worked on my first video, I was taken back by the beauty in the process and curation of it all. 


After all, exactly what we run from is what we end up chasing. 


Since 2018 I've worked with many independent artists and labels to turn countless music video visions into realities. Most recently in the summer of 2021, I wrapped up filming and editing on the first short film that I was chosen to be a part of. I also have a short, written and directed by myself that is in production and will be unveiled to the world when it's ready.


I enjoy connecting with artists of any and all mediums that are passionate about their craft. When our energies align we're both able to reach our goals, and I'm glad to have worked with every artist I've directed a video for, did a photoshoot with, or even listened to them workshop ideas and concepts. 


My strengths in photography include portrait photography, fashion photography, concert photography & Film


In Filmmaking & music video directing I am confident in my ability to conceptualize, direct, record, produce and edit a project with a team in its entirety. 


In my free time, I enjoy listening to Alternative Rnb, Pop, Soul, and rock music 24/7 and exploring new places, and meeting new people on a whim.


Thank you for your time if you've made it this far, I look forward to meeting you. 

Until next time, 

Kenny Shorne

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